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transformative technologies

Technologies that if used singularity or in multiple arrangements will transform the industry globally. Not only will these Transformative Technologies increase your production they will eliminate any additional wells being drilled. These Technologies will significantly change the oil operator's landscape because of the influence by the existing well. This will be influenced by at least 1,500 feet given reason for the oil operator to not consider drilling a new well but use the existing well bore. To realize this please contact Bob Pyle via our contact sheet with multiple technology PDF available.

Eco-Cavitation™ Reservoir Enhancement

Along with other Transformative Technologies, Cavitation is used by contractors in Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR).


One of the three EOR Technologies used to increase production from 2 to 3 X crude oil production with a flatter decline curve. For those interested in these Technologies please fill out the contact information and select the information you are interested in.

ECO-Plastics™ Plastics to Oil systems

If you are aware of someone that has a recycling operation with a continuous supply of plastics at least 200 ton/day, HydroGuard Services would figure out a way of putting a deal together to put in one of these systems. As mentioned, this amount of material produces 1,400 bbls/day. Under current operations with stripper wells at 10 bbls/day would require 140 wells to produce that much oil if you happen to use our Transformative Technologies on the same wells you might get a 10 bbl well to 30+bbls which is good, but the reality is it would take 47 operating wells to get to 1,400 bbls a day.  With an all in cost of $17 per bbl, it makes you wonder and definitely should be of interest to individuals that aren’t that familiar with being an oil operator.

ECO-Cavitation™ Viscosity Reduction

Heavy crude oil can have a permanent viscosity reduction without any added diluent with a significant increase in the API with sulfur removal as an option on the menu.

ECO-Satellite Deep 3D Geovision

Oil is everywhere so let’s go and find it with our brand new TEAM of Scientists and Satellite really to go.

Utilizing Satellite Imagery /Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Interpretation and Supercomputer Processing of analog satellite imagery including infrared analysis will result in greater accuracy (95%) with a completely “Green” solution. No interference with onshore/offshore animal population.