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Satellite Surveying & Enhanced oil recovery

 HyDroGuard Services Offers 

Located in Irvine, California, HydroGuard Services is managed by Robert Pyle, who has more than 17 years of offshore oil field experience. He also has extensive experience in geological surveying, offering clients access to cutting-edge remote sensing techniques that boast incredible accuracy. You can contact HydroGuard Services to discuss your project's unique needs, and we will make sure everything runs as efficiently as possible.

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Satellite Surveying

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Enhanced Oil Recovery

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Viscosity Modification

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Plastics To Oil

Transformative Technologies

HydroGuard Services goal is to work with oil operators to utilize one or all three of our Transformative Technologies to recover most of the crude oil remaining to either double or triple the crude oil production from an existing area of the field up to 1,500 feet from the well bore.

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The concept is to promote our Transformative Technologies for Enhanced Oil Recovery that will literally displace the need for a new well in that area of the field up to 1,500 feet from the well bore.


By using a high pressure jetting tool to cut selective slots on opposite’s sides of the well bore 20 feet on each side into the reservoirs potentially high producing zones to create a better drain for production without the influences of production around the well bore.


Operators of plastic recycling plants who have continuous amounts of plastics at 200 tons day might want to consider our cavitation Technology where you can produce 1,400 bbls/day of a crude oil that may contain several different liquids from crude oil to diesel. HydroGuard only uses WTI crude oil prices with a cost of $17 per bbl to produce.

ECO-CAVITATION™ Viscosity Reduction

By using this technology you have the ability to permanently reduce the viscosity with a very significant increase in the API as the crude is shipped. The cavitation technology itself uses very little power consumption for this unique cavitation process.

ECO-Satellite 3D GeoVision

Utilizing satellite imagery /Nuclear Magnetic Resonance interpretation and Supercomputer processing of analog satellite imagery including infrared analysis will result in greater accuracy (95%) with a completely “Green” solution. No interference with onshore/offshore animal population.

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Satellite Surveying

Satellite Surveying

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Enhanced oil recovery

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