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Cutting-Edge Consultancy for Petroleum Engineering & Commodities Trading



From complicated new installations to strict environmental protocols, our knowledgeable engineering consultants help you maintain your oil platform's efficiency and safety.




Connect with credible oil refineries willing to pay top dollar for your product. Our marketing consultants maintain an extensive, international network in the commodities industry.




Claim your share of the profit when you invest in our ambitious enhanced oil recovery project aiming to retrieve the 300 billion barrels of oil left behind at previous oil production sites.


Our goal is to recover more low-price oil from oil fields
  enhanced oil recovery

in order to relieve American taxpayers from expensive oil prices.

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About Us

HydroGuard, Inc. is a consulting firm based in Irvine, California, specializing in petroleum engineering and commodities trading. We also offer investment opportunities for those interested in enhanced oil recovery (EOR). Since opening in 1992, we have focused primarily on providing refined petroleum products and representing national and international commodity companies.

Our staff has a strong regulatory background in project management. We have worked as engineers, as well as managed engineers on multiple projects for more than ten years. Our firm is known for our successful turnaround rate and ability to think outside of the box in order to provide real-time solutions. Depend on us to develop your ideas into fully functional projects.

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